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This man is a ***-artist, who has been running a scam for years.We have a web page on this coward at texliner(about this site).com.

Stay away from this problem and be aware!! You can see this whole story unfold, at our site. The problem is the law is slow, but he just got his butt in a big heap of trouble in Canada.

He will be in prison soon, so contact us for help, and we will give you the tools.Julius Lupowitz, is a coward and a fool so let him talk about pete bergee, because unlike this convicted felon, I have the facts to back my story.

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Pete Bergee of Rhino Linings

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After seeing this other coating applicator post, I was also ripped off by a coatings "professional" about a month ago.Rhino Linings is supposed to be the best in the business, so I thought.

But I guess that comes down to who applies it and the character of the applicator. He took my deposit, was late also...the list never ends. Anyway he did a horrible job and I had to remove my cascade lining completely.

It is ridiculous what some people will say and do for money.He also was very threatening on the phone although he didn't ever say anything specific.

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The traditional bed liner that we had on our RAM truck broke and part of it blew off on the road.We took the truck to the dealership and they recommended a Rhino Lining.

I have been reading complaint after complaint online about Rhino Linings. Is it because of the product or the person who installed the lining.

I want to get a worry free lining and can't afford to replace it again.Suggestions Please.


I also am not satisfied.Brand new truck.

Within a month my lining started to bubble & peel.

The guy told it was because their was moisture between the lining & the bed.*** answer!

Too bad Rhino Lining does'nt back their product.


Pleas call David Fitzgerald of the FBI at 715 836-3721

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